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Villiana: Sad, Faye is quitting.. it is hard to have a friend leaving, we will miss you Faye! You are wonderful,kind,thoughtful,caring, a precious friend, one in a million.You made us smile. We love you.❤[em:9 ...
Yesterday 22:09 Reply|
Epique: Oh my gosh this forum can be so complicated to use.
Yesterday 21:45 Reply|
Le_Fay: Hello everyone! I'd just like to say I love you all dearly, but I'll be quitting the Hollow. Thanks for always being here.
  • Villiana: WHAT?? Nooo Fayeee please stay. You were my very first friend and you are my best friend.. please don't. Visit at least.. I am actually crying. ;( I do not have many friends in real life. (1-15 21:54)
  • Villiana: We will miss you dearly Faye, you are amazing, though promise to visit sometime. *hugs* (1-15 22:06)
  • Le_Fay: I'll miss you too! I'll be deleting all my accounts (except this one). In time, I'll delete this one too, though. This was a tough decision for me, but some of my friends haven't been living up to my (1-15 22:29)
  • Le_Fay: Standards and have betrayed my trust. You are not one of them though, but honestly, you're making me cry. You've always been so sweet and thoughtful and it'll be hard not seeing you. You can still (1-15 22:30)
  • Le_Fay: Contact me if you'd like, just elsewhere. (1-15 22:31)
Yesterday 21:39 Reply|
twilight: i change my mind about next weekend, sorry about that. hopefully i will get on often.  
Yesterday 21:12 Reply|
catcatherine: I HOMEEEEE
Yesterday 21:04 Reply|
Villiana: So tired...
Yesterday 17:47 Reply|
Villiana: hungry..
Yesterday 17:46 Reply|
riverfantacee: I have this week off (1/16) so get ready for the litness.
Yesterday 13:24 Reply|
Villiana: It hurts to chew and talk sometimes with my retainer and my missing two teeth..
Yesterday 11:19 Reply|
LabsNotDabs: I need to stop writing such ridiculous statements to others. Newsflash "Vi", you aren't humorous in the slightest.
The day before yesterday 23:30 Reply|
LabsNotDabs: Gosh, what am I doing at this time? I was supposed to go to bed...
The day before yesterday 23:24 Reply|
Figfigthefairy: Don't worry I'm still alive.
  • LabsNotDabs: STAYIN' ALIVEEE. But seriously, welcome back. (1-14 23:13)
The day before yesterday 23:06 Reply|
Figfigthefairy: long has it been?
  • LabsNotDabs: A week in human time, but a mere twelve years in Pixie Standard Time. (1-14 23:14)
The day before yesterday 23:06 Reply|
catcatherine: Hwi people
The day before yesterday 21:20 Reply|
EyoCleo: Me: I need to finish my homework and be a good student. Also Me: Heck I'm gonna watch a sh*t ton of anime
The day before yesterday 05:53 Reply|
rainbowplum: Episode 13 of Fantage GenderBendered is almost coming!
3 day(s) ago Reply|
LabsNotDabs: How to be "Vi" in a few easy steps: - Use the words "shall", "splendid", "shucks", and "dear" a lot - Respond to everything with a "hahaha" - Break your keyboard so that it types weird - Cats!!!! ...
3 day(s) ago Reply|
EyoCleo: Don't you just hate it when your math teacher compares you to them and how smart they are than you like THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO TEACH US  
3 day(s) ago Reply|
pandapanpancake: s there a way to get a personal background on my profile page??? cuz if there is, im not finding it :I
3 day(s) ago Reply|
~Noir~: I've been listening to so many love songs ;-;
3 day(s) ago Reply|


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