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  • DescriptionHi! I'm Luna, a free spirit artist with a big wonder of the world. If you see me, feel free to say hello!
  • HobbiesDrawing ❅ Exercising ❅ Fire Emblem ❅ History❅ Marine Biology ❅ Puella Magi Madoka Magica ❅ My OCs Frater and Isen II ❅ Merlin ❅

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Nora 4 hour(s) ago
Luna: It's just a Fixer Upper, you'll see! Then you'll go like "How far I'll Go"! and then I'll be like  "What can I say except, You're Welco ...
To defeat, the puns
madllght 10 hour(s) ago
your page is so pretty!!
Nora Yesterday 22:30
Punny Business
Nora Yesterday 16:32
Luna: It's just a Fixer Upper, you'll see! Then you'll go like "How far I'll Go"! and then I'll be like  "What can I say except, You're Welco ...
Case and point
Nora Yesterday 16:20
Luna: Thanks Nora! Your page is filled with amazing puns!
I try, but you are the almighty pun queen
Nora Yesterday 15:57
Luna, your page is amazing
catcatherine The day before yesterday 14:48
Luna..? I have a question about magic.. do you know anything about the magic you can buy under the tools icon?
Pusheen The day before yesterday 08:36
Your page is so pretty!!!!
neatcomet 3 day(s) ago
Luna: Your art is just simply wonderful! I love semi realism, and you're able to execute it so much better than I ever will. Keep up the good work~
Thank you! ;-;
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
Luna: Thank you! I'm glad you like it~ It took a long time to draw Isen II (the mermaid), but the hard work payed off!
You drew it? It is astonishing!<3
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
Luna: Aww thank you~ My favorite track is Sagitta luminus! It's the longest one, but you won't regret hearing it! I love your page as well~.
Thank you.<3 Also, you have a beautiful profile picture.<3
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
Lovely page and music!
namira853 3 day(s) ago
Luna: Aw thank you so much! Your page is very cute too!
Aww, thank you! And you're welcome!
CrystalAirshine 3 day(s) ago
omg what is the track playing in the background?I need to know :p
strangestspark 3 day(s) ago
Luna: Awww thank you! You're very sweet~ Welcome to the Hollow again, and have a blast here!
Thanks and I hope I will!
strangestspark 3 day(s) ago
Your page is very pretty <3
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