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Villiana 4 hour(s) ago
Hi Su! I would like to thank you for putting some games from Pixie Hollow onto the forum. They bring back so many memories. Thanks for everything you have done for us all.<3
Villiana 4 hour(s) ago
Hello Su, I wanted to tell you that we cannot reply to activities anymore, is that a glitch? Anyways, I love your profile photo, it looks lovely.<3
AnaTheEdgehog 5 day(s) ago
I love your new avatar!
catcatherine 2017-2-16 09:57
Fzrasu: it grows 1 point everyday, and if you reply someone's thread, it adds 1 intimacy between you and him/her. only once per thread
Ohh okay xP Thank you <3
catcatherine 2017-2-15 09:37
Hwi.. I am just a little confused on how to increase the intimacy while in a relationship with someone. <3
CozySpark 2017-2-14 11:00
Hi, Happy Hearts Day! ❤
Victoria 2017-2-14 10:14
Happy Valentine's Day! <3
catcatherine 2017-2-14 08:15
Hwi ^-^ I was just wondering how we get the valentines badge <3
Villiana 2017-2-13 21:59
Fzrasu: I thinik so, because most people are at school by that time
Okay thank you, because I arrive home from school at 3, and I can't play games at school, so I was wondering that when I return, if I can still get the badge.<3
Villiana 2017-2-13 21:44
I have a couple of questions about the Valentine's Day Badge. What if we are at school at that time? Can we still get the badge or no?
toadetteACNL 2017-2-13 21:25
aww i wont be able to reply for the valetines badge since im at school :-(
mariya1593 2017-2-4 20:08
Did you know your username means "immediately" in Russian? Is that what you were thinking when you made it? ^^
Morgana 2017-2-4 14:50
Fzrasu: Thank you a lot  Morgana, its not my birthday  though   
Oh gosh. I saw this thread and I assumed it was your birthday XD Oh well, happy not birthday I guess.
Morgana 2017-2-3 12:30
I heard it was your birthday, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Victoria 2017-1-28 12:57
Hi:) I love the nice music you have on your page!
Pusheen 2017-1-28 00:23
Fzrasu: thank you
Awwee thank you ^-^ I appreciate all YOU have done!! :D
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