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  • DescriptionHi, I'm Juniper - also known as June and Juni ingame - I'm a six-year old water talent who loves everything that's connected to bubbles - oh and rainbows too! Anyways, feel free to explore my page and text me - I'm almost always around to reply!
  • HobbiesWhen I'm not helping around the Hollow, I do things in my fairy home. I have a blog that's always updated with news from here and everywhere else and I also love baking cookies. When I feel down or just on edge I simply relax myself with my favorite tunes. Writing also helps me relax and it's my main job here at FairyABC - I'm an official writer for the team!
    Another fun fact is that I have a pet humming bird - Willow, but she's hybernating right now so you can't see her yet.

    ~ Lots of love, rainbows and sparkly dewdrops to all ~
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  • Now I'm debating with myself on whether or not I should change my profile picture into something non-fairy-like. Reply
  • - As I was saying there's a Tumnlr page which is always up to date for this show: Make sure you visit it for all the latest info and episodes from now on.   Reply
  • Also for those fans out there who didn't know - the Miraculous Christmas Special - Pire Noel in French is out already as well as in English - via Netflix and their Youtube and its for US only. But - Reply
  • Well just remembered how to do this again lol    Anyways I am literally in over my head with Miraculous Ladybug. Someone really help me here because Chat and those tights.   Reply
  • By the way I'm totally obsessed with 1 of 1 from SHINee - especially the first song. God.   Reply
  • I love my spooktakular Halloween-themed profile! And also thanks a lot for visiting me everyone - it means bunches!   Reply
  • Hai everyone hope you like the new profile look - just figured out how to make this lol xD Reply
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Epique The day before yesterday 17:43
Junipercx: I know I watch Miraculous Ladybug remember I've watched the French original too lol xD
Oh, that's cool! I haven't seen much of the show but I saw the Christmas show when it was on Netflix and it seemed a nice show, I may watch.
Luna The day before yesterday 13:17
Epique 3 day(s) ago
Junipercx: Thanks idk why I read Epique as Enrique but okay   

Your profile picture looks Hawaii af. It's cute too.
That's not the first time that has happened so don't worry! Epique is French for how you would say Epic in English :p
Epique 4 day(s) ago
Your profile picture is very adorable! I am liking the Miraculous gif very much!
Ashlynndastar 6 day(s) ago
Junipercx: Well...Oh I know, I can make a guide video for ya'll? How does that sound?
Ooh that'd be Amazin tysm
Ashlynndastar 7 day(s) ago
I'm still having some trouble copy and pasting it
i click copy link adress and then the link disappears
skittlepants8 7 day(s) ago
insert something here bc i had something in mind but forgot what to say so

hi! ^u^
skittlepants8 2017-1-12 14:42
Junipercx: Bbeh - am I the cat's meow or what?   
you are the cat's meow, juni. nishishi~  
skittlepants8 2017-1-12 11:51
Victoria 2017-1-10 20:21
This page is amazing! It's inspired me to be more creative with mine!
Le_Fay 2017-1-10 17:16
Junipercx: I'm in love with your page.   
Thank you! Yours is also really amazing xD
Ashlynndastar 2017-1-10 14:56
Wait a link never pop up do i have to click
Ashlynndastar 2017-1-10 13:40
ooh love your music
Where'd you get  the music from i couldn't find anything with  mp3  i  wanted  Sabrina carpenter ooh Ed sheeran and
Litte Mix! o: Just hold its so good whose it by? Ooh one republic
Amazing taste in music ❤ ^-^
Ashlynndastar 2017-1-9 11:18
Junipercx: Oh my God I just saw this and I'm not sure if I replied but life's treating me quite good and wbu I've not seen you for some time now - also I just fi ...
Ok I'll Be sure to :33 That Fantabulous to hear bbg :DD
Glad to hear ❤ ^-^ You're Such a sweetie
Junipercx 2017-1-9 08:03
Added some tunes to this ol' page. Hope you like em'! Big thanks to Fzra Su for the help aka the detailed instructions on how to add the music and the link from the site. Love you all!  
skittlepants8 2017-1-6 13:04
Junipercx: Hai bbeh   
hoi bbeh
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