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Finally got 500 credits 2016-10-06
I've been trying so hard to get 500 and now I finally have it after constantly commenting on threads.
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Ali The day before yesterday 19:15
I just noticed how messed up my profile page is lmao
Ashlynndastar 4 day(s) ago
Ali: Thank you! I like your page too c: How are you?
I'm Fantastic Tysm for Asking
Also anytime and ty i really
Appreciate it ^-^
Ashlynndastar 5 day(s) ago
Woww Ali Amazing page
:33 Also how're you? We should talk
More you seem super sweet! ❤ ^-^
Villiana 2017-1-8 12:23
Ali: Thank you :)
No problem.<3
Villiana 2017-1-7 23:21
Ooo you have a nice page, it looks lovely.<3
LabsNotDabs 2017-1-1 15:05
Ali: You just now noticed it? omg it's been there for over a month lmaoo
Whoops. I must have really bad eyesight.
LabsNotDabs 2017-1-1 13:00
Oh my gosh, I just saw who your "employer" was and I cannot stop chuckling. Good to have you working for me, haha.
Villiana 2016-12-31 11:06
Ali: AAaaa, I hate having to go to the dentist, I'll be going soon and I'm not excited :(
As do I, though I wish you good luck! Also, I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!<3
Villiana 2016-12-30 11:10
Ali: Good, how are you?
I am doing well, though I did have a dentist appointment, causing my teeth to ache..v_v
Villiana 2016-12-29 17:40
Hello Ali! How are you?<3
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