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Ashlynndastar's space [Favorites] [Copy] [RSS] Aye people im Alexa applebell on pixie hollow ❤ (: ♫♫

All you need is A little Faith Trust And Pixie Dust

-Peter Pan Have a Fantabulous day ❤ ^-^
  • website create and fairy and fly (: ☻☻
  • DescriptionHeyy! im Alexa Apple bell and i love to make new friends on pixie hollow dont be shy(: Also my Nickname
    Is Aleca :DD
  • HobbiesI love to sing dance play piano And guitar i like playing pixie hollow hanging with friends talking and rping(: and i love Top and sabrina carpenter and shawn mendes(:and of course Ptx and i also play msp and fantage i Also enjoy Watching Disney channel huehue and music is my life XD And i also enjoy acting XD and i love TACOS i love tacobell XD I also enjoy reading and listening to spotify also if you need advice or a shoulder to cry on I'll be here i love to help friends also i'm your average hipster girly girl rofl i'm so weird i talk a lot like a lot! if i get annoying please let me know i wont be offended remember your'e beautiful Alexa❤
  • GenderFemale

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You're Beautiful
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  • Every time i watch a pixie hollow youtube video i cry i miss the Original ph so much ): so many amazing Memories Shout out to all de admins your'e doing a fab job :33 Remember ya'll are beautiful ♥ ... Reply
  • Bigg Huge shoutout to Petunia Because she's so lit and perf ilysm bestie i'm so thankful to have a bestie bae like you never forget your'e beyond epicness ❤  Reply
  • ♫ Listening to Spotify as usual and drinking Apple juice Boo yaa No i'm not to old for Apple juice Don't judge me :33 Also watching Disney Channel :33 Hope ya'll have a fantabulous dayy ❤ ✿ ... Reply
  • I'm sick )":   Reply
  •  Reply
  • Stay strong everyone 7 days to christmas :) I'm so hyppeee wooo! listening  to ♫ Spotify ♫ Reply
  • My obsession with Alarm by  ♫ Anne-marie halpp me ♫ does anyone have that moment when you can't listening to one song O_O spotify is life ❤ Reply
  • my obsession with alarm by  ♫ Anne-marie halp me ♫ got dat song on repeat anyone ever have that moment when you can't stop listening to a song O_O Reply
  • We're all stars we all shine bright we're all beautiful  and unique in are own way we all fall down and break but someone of us don't get back up again always be yourself always stay strong ❤ ... Reply
  • Remember  your'e beautiful even when people say your aren't remember that when you fall down to get right back up fight for what you believe in and always have courage and be kind remember ❤ Reply
  • ❤ Merry christmas everyone hope you have a blessed holiday safe travels if your'e traveling open lots of gifts remember its better to give then to  receive ilysm ❤ Reply
  • ❤ im so glad ph is back i missed it so much ❤ welcome everyone hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend ❤   Reply
  • ❤ Going to go see Moana ❤ ilysm remember your'e all beautfiul  Reply
✿ Bunny ✿
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~Noir~ Yesterday 11:54
Ashlynndastar: Hah You seem Sweet
Tbh Hows life? These days
Life's pretty good, except school is pretty stressing. I'd say I'm doing fine :)
~Noir~ Yesterday 00:27
Ashlynndastar: Woww Lovely Page
Welcome to the Forums ik i'm probably
so Late XD And beautiful description ❤ ^-^
Btw i'm Ashlynn
Aww thanks <3 And it's better late than never
Junipercx The day before yesterday 10:13
Ashlynndastar: Ooh that'd be Amazin tysm
You're welcome, however things came up at the moment so I won't be able to do this right away. I'll try to do it later on when I get back home.
CrystalAirshine The day before yesterday 09:44
Ashlynndastar: Aye Hows life crystal?
Lovely page btw we should
talk more :) you seem really sweet ❤ ^-^
Hi Ashlyn!
Thank you ^^ you seem like a really nice fairy too,we totally should :D ! <3
Junipercx The day before yesterday 07:21
Ashlynndastar: I'm still having some trouble copy and pasting it
i click copy link adress and then the link disappears
Well...Oh I know, I can make a guide video for ya'll? How does that sound?
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Ok Take all the time you
Need :33
Thank you! :)
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Its All
Good Anytime
An Also I Appreciate you Making me a 3D Fairy
I'll try to get in done in less than a week. :)
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: There :3 After you got it
You can Delete the thread Tysm :D
Okay, thank you! Sorry for not responding - I was away from my keyboard.
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Could you download
It through my Photos
On my albums on Forums?
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Is uploading to That
Site the only way
You could also just post a thread on the forum and attach the image from your PC.
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Aww On second thought
i'd give your's a 9786066060
How kind. Though, we all know that your page is far better. :p
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: If I was to Rate
This Epic Page i'd
Give it a 100 :3 Hands Award
I would rate your page a 1,000,000/10 for it's beauty. Also, that Tinker Bell picture is splendid!
LabsNotDabs 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Ahhh Never get tired
Of this Beyond Unique
Page ❤ ^-^ How're you? Also did you get the Picture of my Fairy :3 For my 3D Fairy Edit I really wan ...
Thank you. I love your page also. I visit it at least once a day (I promise I am not a stalker). On that other note, I was not able to view that picture of your fairy. Can you please send me a link after you upload it to an image sharing site (such as IMGUR)?
namira853 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: Where'd you go
namira853 3 day(s) ago
what happened bb ill make a server
namira853 3 day(s) ago
Ashlynndastar: where'd you gooo bbb
im backk noww bb i mustve frozee
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