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  • Listening to Anime Music. ❤ Reply
  • good afternoon everyone!   Reply
  • i change my mind about next weekend, sorry about that. hopefully i will get on often.   Reply
  • i won't be on until next weekend, fly with you later!   Reply
  • Good Morning Everyone!   Reply
  • Listening to Music. ♫ Reply
  • i can't even get on Pixie hollow.   Reply
  • i'm finally back, i know it's being a busy week. so i just came to visit other fairies.   Reply
  • hey guys! i might not be on, because of Vacation.   Reply
  • Happy Early Thanksgiving! :3 Reply
  • listening to Melanie Martinez: If I am just a piece of cake, i am just a piece of cake.   Reply
  • afternoon everyone!  Reply
  • j-rocks, j-pop.   Reply
  • awe, i'm i alone?   Reply
  • pastel goth, grunge, scene,emo,goth.   Reply
Twilight ♥
welcome to my Page! and hopefully fly with you! ღ

i Like Drawing and Singing. ( sometimes :_ )

My favorite pets: Ladybug. ✿

Music: Ariana Grande, Halsey, Alessia Cara, Daya. ♛

Of course, I do have friends: Violet, Sarah Stardust, Faye, River, Rachel DiamondTwinkle and Helen. ♥
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CrystalAirshine 3 day(s) ago
twilight: it's fine, and yea it is! xD
CrystalAirshine 3 day(s) ago
I have to agree with the comments below! Love this sort of sunset sky kinda aesthetic!
Luna 6 day(s) ago
The cotton candy colors of your page is really cute!
Epique 7 day(s) ago
I love the color aesthetic on your page!
Ashlynndastar 2017-1-12 10:39
Woww Beautiful  Page Twilight
Also Most Adorable Profile Picture
Tbh we should talk more you seem sweet How're you?
❤ ^-^
catcatherine 2017-1-9 11:21
twilight: Ty, catcatherine! :3
You can just call me Cat <3
catcatherine 2017-1-9 09:14
Oml I love your page <3
Crazy 2017-1-7 18:36
HelenTheFairy 2016-12-10 16:17
Hi Twily! Just letting you know your drawing is done, I don't know if you've seen it yet but I posted it a while ago and it seems you are caught unawares! Go ahead and check it out if you want! xD
HelenTheFairy 2016-12-5 07:05
twilight: ok. xD
Babydoll 2016-12-2 20:44
Your fairy is so cute!
LabsNotDabs 2016-12-2 17:01
twilight: it's fine, and ty~ :3
LabsNotDabs 2016-12-1 13:13
I know I always say this, but you just make the loveliest headers. ^^
LabsNotDabs 2016-12-1 13:02
twilight: congrats! ♥︎
Thank you, Twilight!
LabsNotDabs 2016-11-22 22:00
twilight: np, it's great. :3
Good to hear. ^^
LabsNotDabs 2016-11-22 21:25
twilight: hru? :3
I am fine, thank you for asking. How are you?
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