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  • my pokemon group has been approved! if you wanna join just click join and i'll accept you! Reply
  • i want someone to talk to while fairyabc server is downnn so i wont be bored and lonelyy Reply
  • if anyone wanna know, i have fantage and moviestarplanet. for moviestarplanet its Lanc419 and on fantage lanc419 ( mostly on large servers! ) Reply
  • i feel make making an msp edit but im lazy???? help??? Reply
  • and also, an eeve and a fairy gem to evlove it Reply
  • i wish to catch a snorlax on pokemon moon Reply
  • iTS 2017 HERE HAPPY NEW YEAR Reply
  • on msp im shipped with Hajime HInata and on fabc im shipped with Hau ihaveaseriesonhusbandos Reply
  • " Love, love! " ~ Usami 2k12 Reply
  • i wanna play some pokemon sun and moon so bad rn ;-; lucky to the people who have them ;--;; Reply
  • * inhales * * screams * Reply
  • i wanna edit my wordpress blog but like... at the same time im lazy plus, i wanna post but the same thing. i'm lazy. * facedesks * Reply
  • i have so much to do rn and really its making me tired I NEED TO MAKE A SIMS 4 EDITTUHYUTGEHYWE life goals w h y Reply
  • Everytime i see someone in the chat log ( best friends ) and i chekc if their online and they're not i feel really bad. Reply
  • im bored now and idk what to do help Reply
Pokemon moon quote
" But right now I've got a date with my bed. I danced my feet off at that festival! " ~ Mom in Pokemon moon
  • website
  • Descriptionhi! i'm Harmony Magicheart in the ph ( and the old/closed one )

    i'm danganronpa, harry potter, attack on titan and pokemon trash like always hahaha...
    anyways, hope you enjoy! * why am i talking like im a resterat waiter *
  • Hobbiesi sit infront of a computer everyday, memes.
  • GenderFemale

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Babydaisylover 9 hour(s) ago
LOL I'm in school and I came on here unknowing the sound was on! Good thing I couldn't find the sound button. We aren't doing anything, just watching the inauguration.
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:48
skittlepants8: fangirlling on tumbklr rn. it's pretty lit
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:48
skittlepants8: i... have not.
Dude You Should totally
Listen to it its Lit :33
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:47
skittlepants8: i'm pretty good. just being an intense fangirl ^u^
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:09
Also Have you heard
The Chainsmokers new
Single Paris? its like on repeat
For me O_O Its so good
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:09
So Whatcha Doing
Also I'm Looking at
That ph Wiki Rivs found so
Beautiful ^-^
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 11:06
skittlepants8: hii! how are you doing?
Ayo Haumonys I'm Chill
Hby? Just drawing Listening
to Music Writing songs And
Drinkin Cocoa cola :33
namira853 The day before yesterday 20:39
skittlepants8: tired, like always
Aw, poor you, feel better!
namira853 The day before yesterday 20:15
skittlepants8: hiii!
Hau are you?
namira853 The day before yesterday 19:32

Idk what to say, so hi! ^-^
Luna 3 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: Hello!~ I love your page and your art! It's so good and inspiring!~
Thank you very much! I'm happy that I bring inspiration to my fellow fairies! :)
Raven_Mistyclou 4 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: I wish to come on game but I'm at my dad's today so I cri
bb so much has happened.
Faye is quitting D:
Nora 4 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: kazoo kid scares me
Kazoo kid is the memeiest of memes
Electra 4 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: nice Hinanami pic ^u^
thanks!! it's my otp :^)
namira853 7 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: welp
i wasnt
*walks out the door*
namira853 7 day(s) ago
skittlepants8: what?
it sounded like you were going to

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