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  • I'm done with my page rn.. Ik it looks disgusting, but I'm tired of trying to fix it Reply
  • 253 xP Reply
  • 352 left! Reply
  • 430 left Reply
  • I'm excited because I only need to be online for 26 more hours before I get the fairy active badge (I'm so excited for that cute little ghost badge) ANDDDD ONLY 500 MORE POINTS TILL I'M A MINISTER Reply
  • Also, I changed my page up a bit and added new gifs because I'm kinda obsessed with Victorious xP Cat is literally me, like I relate to her so much xP I even have a giraffey stuffed animal xP Reply
  • I'm so close to becoming a minister and I'm SOOO EXCITED! Reply
  • Idk.. ); Only 635 till minister.. that'll be super exciting.. Reply
  • Blah.. I just feel so sad and alone Reply
  • HOW IS FAYE LEAVING ); I love you Faye.. blah that broke my heart knowing you're leaving ); Reply
  • Hwi people Reply
  • Gonna be gone for 4 days ); Reply
  • My eyes sting from crying Reply

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  • Description♬ Bands ♬
    ♡ Youtube ♡
    ☾ Music ☽
    ❤ Fairies ❤
  • HobbiesI play guitar and sing.
    Nothing in life really excites me that much besides music and Youtube.
    School sucks and all the subjects are boring.
    I'm a really boring person so I'm sorry if I put you to sleep if we're talking xP
    I'm here for anyone who needs to talk so feel free to message me if you're in need of a friend.
    I have a cute wittle boyfriend named Twy and he's my everything in life and the only one in this world who makes me happy ღ
    ღ 7/08/16 ღ
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Hi, I'm Catherine, but most people call me Cat, but if I'm going by my fairy name then I'm Snowflake or Snow for short. I love fairies and Disney and I always have ever since I was little. Even though I've gotten older, I'm still just a wittle girl who's very innocent and likes acting like a three year old. You might catch me saying words weird since I type with w's and z's, it's weird, I know.

I love rock bands and the punk rock genre in general. I love TØP, Mayday Parade, ATL, SWS, Neckdeep, and SO many more.

I am also obsessed Melanie Martinez and I have been ever since she went on The Voice, so I'm not one of those new fans. Her music is just so different and interesting and her lyrics are always so amazing instead of being superficial and always about sex like popular music nowadays. I could fangirl for hours about her because I love her style, lyrics, and her in general because she's an an adorable human being. Anyways, enough about that before I never shut up xP
My Lover ღ
I'm happily taken by this cute wittle guy named Tyler (or Twy) <3 We've been dating for 5 mummfs so yeah it's exciting. I dragged him onto this game and it bores the hell outta him, but I'm making him suffer through it xP He's my everything even though he can be really weird and our personalities are complete opposites. He's so cute though, like he really does treat me like his pwincess and I love it and him so much ^-^ I could talk about him forever and how much I love him, but I'll spare anyone who's still reading xP

Anyways, thanks for reading if you did. Feel free to add me and message me because I'd love to make new friends ^-^

~ Cat ღ

P.S. If you have kik, just message me yours and I'll add you on there because that's where I talk to my internet friends ^-^
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Le_Fay Yesterday 19:43
Sorry xD
XxDawnxX Yesterday 17:40
you like breaking benjamin? i didnt know others listened to them ahaha :D
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 13:17
catcatherine: Yeah she does xP
And yeah she was in Sam and Cat, but I prefer the Victorious version of her xP Her red hair was actually real and her outfits were a ...
Aww Tysm :33
You're so sweet I see
Is victorious Nickoeloden
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 13:12
catcatherine: Haha, they from Victorious. First one is Cat Valentine (who is literally me) and the other is this ship from the show which is Beck and Jade <3
Also,  ...
I'm Fantastic
And wow Doesn't
Ariana Grande Play
Cat? Also Isn't
Cat from sam and cat?
Also I updated my page What do you think? ❤ ^-^
Ashlynndastar Yesterday 13:06
Love those new gifs What
Movies/ tv show are they from?
Also How's Life Cat? Long time no talk
Still in love with your page dangg
strangestspark The day before yesterday 15:23
Your profile is literally everything. It's actually my aesthetic
Pusheen 3 day(s) ago
yassssss Rani Buddiesssss!!!!!!!!!!!
riverfantacee 3 day(s) ago
catcatherine: I love your page so much haha
LabsNotDabs 5 day(s) ago
catcatherine: Vi? What happened to the rest of your page xP
I am in the process of a final redesign. I have gotten a bit busy, though.
LabsNotDabs 7 day(s) ago
I sent you a little PM.
Ashlynndastar 7 day(s) ago
catcatherine: What..? But I love talking to you );
Aww cat tbh i do to but i most go
You know what fabc is full of drama bullys
Fights ): i just can't handle the bullys or haters or
Drama its to much
Ashlynndastar 7 day(s) ago
catcatherine: You're leaving..?
Ya its sorta personal Well i've actually quit but the only reason i play fabc is for my bff narima
LabsNotDabs 7 day(s) ago
catcatherine: Hwi Vi <3
Hey Cat. <3
Ashlynndastar 7 day(s) ago
Heyy Cat how's Life :3 Ahh never get tired of this adorable page❤ ^-^
LabsNotDabs 2017-1-10 15:35
catcatherine: <3 Could you pwease move this to user questions?
Okay, thanks for helping! :)
Ashlynndastar 2017-1-10 13:36
catcatherine: Yeah I know, the music doesn't work because I didn't put the right link, but I didn't feel like fixing it haha
I'm doing alright though <3 Thanks for  ...
Aww Anytime But nuh your'e
Probably Sweeter then me And i'm
Fantastic Tysm for asking I'm
Glad to hear your'e doing
Well :D
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