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  • Descriptioni.... dont ever kno what im doin....
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Villiana Yesterday 19:41
Hello Cecil! How have you been?<3
Toadstool Yesterday 00:15
Anonymouse The day before yesterday 15:39
y u r   a   m u r m a d   ,   s a c h e l
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
MooMoo: I try :'DDD srsly tho let me kno
I will be sure to. Again, thank you, you are very kind and polite.<3
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
MooMoo: Proud!!! Good luck and tell me if I can help with anything <3 <3 <3
Thank you, you are very kind.<3
Villiana 3 day(s) ago
After 4 hours I have finished geography, now time for English...
skittlepants8 4 day(s) ago
Villiana 4 day(s) ago
MooMoo: dANG.. Well i mean you're making progress??? good luck though, and try to take some breaks when you can dudette
I'll try to take breaks, though now I have twice of what I had before, more homework,more studying.. v_v I have a quiz tomorrow..
~Noir~ 5 day(s) ago
Ahhh such an adorable profile pic :O
namira853 5 day(s) ago
Hold on a sec... is that a NEW PIC?! SO CUTE!! How are you, man?
Le_Fay 5 day(s) ago
MooMoo: yes always remember when in doubt clench your fist and make unpopular opinions with a passion. ur the coolest sobs but yes meet me at teh aprty ill ge ...
Make unpopular opinions with passion. I like that XD
Le_Fay 5 day(s) ago
MooMoo: faye y u making me blush through the tears. just remember me in terms of &quot;lstn&quot; &quot;forreal&quot; and &quot;boi&quot;. and bro. always rem ...
Don't forget "clenches fist." Gosh, that one had me crying. Maybe I'll come to teh party someday.
Le_Fay 5 day(s) ago
MooMoo: GOOD LUCK FAYE ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. GOOD LUCK WITH WHATEVER YOU DO. sobs see you again one day hopefully <3 !!!
You, sir, have to be one of the funniest new additions to the community. Your bromance and catch phrases always had me one step from dying of laughter. I'll miss you very much!
Villiana 5 day(s) ago
MooMoo: IT IS P CUTE :DDD also im doing p good how are you??/ Did you get your work done??? did you sleep??
I am doing well, thank you for asking/ Nope, still doing it. I finished 2 handwritten essays (which were 6 pages) though..
Villiana 5 day(s) ago
MooMoo: Hey!!! and thanks dawg, other May made it for me :DDDD
Aw! That is so sweet of her!<3 She did a wonderful job. How are you doing?
Villiana 5 day(s) ago
Hello! Nice profile picture Cecil.
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