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  • Hello everyone! I'd just like to say I love you all dearly, but I'll be quitting the Hollow. Thanks for always being here. Reply
  • I don't have the time to be patient   Reply
  • This is madness. Reply
  • To write or not to write this essay? To fail or pass this class? To procrastinate or, dang it, ya get the picture XD Reply
  • Bringing out that new Loki gif like BOI   Reply
  • *beat drops*   Reply
  • I like to have fun fun fun fun fun fun FUN FUNNNN   Reply
  • I like to sing. Dance. PRETEND   Reply
  • I blame River.   Reply
  • What have y'all done to me?   Reply
  • Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix   Reply
  • Too much. It's too much. It's a... sweets overload   Reply
  • So, I may or may not have a newfound addiction to dipping my cinnamon flavored graham teddy bears in vanilla frosting.   Reply
  • Am I just grumpy because of lack of sleep? Reply
  • Can we like, not make 10 different threads about the Hollow reopening? Just use one, it's all the same thing anyway. Geez... Reply
Pun of the Day!
January 12th, 2017

Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed.

You know the problem with grapes these days. People just aren't raisin them right.

I got a small ticket for speeding. It's fine with me.
I ❤ Loki
Frost Fairy vs. Jotun
I am Faye, of Fairy ABC (once known as what you mortals would call "Pixie Hollow'), and I am burdened with GLORIOUS purpose!
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Ashlynndastar Yesterday 22:28
Wow Faye you're really leaving I'm so sad you mean so much to me you're beyond words I can't explain how much you have impacted my life you're sweet lit and a the most amazing bestie you're so beautiful I can't force you to stay this your decision I really wish an amazing life and we will All miss you deeply you're truly an amazing part of fabc your amazing sense of humor will be missed your unique style  not to be rude but why are you quitting is it school? I really wish you'd reconsi ... ...
Villiana Yesterday 22:15
*hugs* It will be hard for your twin, but I love you Faye so all I am asking of you is to visit,-May the twin of Faye-
Villiana Yesterday 22:05
*hugs Faye* You are amazing.
Villiana Yesterday 22:03
Stay lit, and visit sometime, come maybe once a month? It would be like Faye-day! ^-^
Villiana Yesterday 22:03
Love you Faye. Stay amazing.
Villiana Yesterday 22:02
*hugs Faye* Please visit sometime. Also reply to me some time okay? v_v You are very precious to me Faye.<3
Villiana Yesterday 21:58
Faye, I will miss you dearly, you are a very close friend to me. I would like to know why you are quitting, please stay.. I know I cannot force you but.. *sighs* *hugs* I will miss you Faye. There is no one like you, your so unique. Please promise to me that you will visit sometime..;(
riverfantacee 3 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: Thank you! This is quite the honor, having someone who's page you constantly stalk aprove of your page XD
I take that as a compliment so thank you very much!
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: Honestly, no words. I'm extremely grateful!!!
I am always here to help, M'lady. *Tips fedora*
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: I did, and thank you!!!
Anytime! :)
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Also, can you check your "Private Messages", please?
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: Maybe you should add some Loki O_O
Loki (haha, see what I did there?), I might do that...
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: I like your page 100x more. It's so unique xD
But, I am missing Loki. That makes my page automatically inferior.
LabsNotDabs 4 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: I'm dumb. I hit delete instead of reply, but I just wanted to say IT LOOKS FABULOUS YOU TALENTED SPECIMEN!!!!
Thank you, Faye. But it cannot look half as fabulous as your page. ;)
riverfantacee 5 day(s) ago
your page is so aesthetically pleasing
Junipercx 5 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: Thank you! Yours is also really amazing xD
Thanks I try  
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A Poison Tree

                    I was angry with my friend;

                I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

                      I was angry with my foe:

                  I told it not, my wrath did grow.

                        And I waterd it in fears,

                   Night & morning with my tears:

                     And I sunned it with smiles,

                    And with soft deceitful wiles.

                  And it grew both day and night.

                     Till it bore an apple bright.

                     And my foe beheld it shine,

                   And he knew that it was mine.

                      And into my garden stole,

                When the night had veild the pole;

                      In the morning glad  ...


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