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  • *cough* Reply
  • I'm, um. Back?   Reply
  • Hello everyone! I'd just like to say I love you all dearly, but I'll be quitting the Hollow. Thanks for always being here. Reply
  • I don't have the time to be patient   Reply
  • This is madness. Reply
  • To write or not to write this essay? To fail or pass this class? To procrastinate or, dang it, ya get the picture XD Reply
  • Bringing out that new Loki gif like BOI   Reply
  • *beat drops*   Reply
  • I like to have fun fun fun fun fun fun FUN FUNNNN   Reply
  • I like to sing. Dance. PRETEND   Reply
  • I blame River.   Reply
  • What have y'all done to me?   Reply
  • Kazoo Kid - Trap Remix   Reply
  • Too much. It's too much. It's a... sweets overload   Reply
  • So, I may or may not have a newfound addiction to dipping my cinnamon flavored graham teddy bears in vanilla frosting.   Reply
Pun of the Day!
January 12th, 2017

Why did the picture go to jail? Because it was framed.

You know the problem with grapes these days. People just aren't raisin them right.

I got a small ticket for speeding. It's fine with me.
I ❤ Loki
Frost Fairy vs. Jotun
I am Faye, of Fairy ABC (once known as what you mortals would call "Pixie Hollow'), and I am burdened with GLORIOUS purpose!
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catcatherine Yesterday 20:59
Le_Fay: Sorry xD
It's okay xP
catcatherine Yesterday 19:24
catcatherine Yesterday 19:24
riverfantacee Yesterday 17:11
Le_Fay: Dude, your page is awesome. I see Zack is officially back. And I love Florence + The Machine. Seven Devils is awesome, and M83 makes me cry.
Thank you! and mt
lotuscup Yesterday 08:27
rethink what you said about leaving, even if you cant log in everyday, feel free to do so when you can xx
Villiana 5 day(s) ago
We all love you Faye, come by in the hollow sometime, we all would love to see you.<3 You are wonderful. I hope you the best. Love you~May~
namira853 5 day(s) ago
Goodbye, Faye! I will always miss you, and I respect your decision. I hope you succeed in the outside world, and you are quite the talented fairy!<3 Farewell and best wishes to you, Faye!     
Ashlynndastar 5 day(s) ago
I Really Respect Your Decision As you know I quit I just sorta visit Once again i wish You the best in life Its so sad to see Such a beautiful Intelligent Young Fairy Leave Like you But Forcing you to Stay Would be Selfish  Maybe One day you'll Return to Fabc But if you don't you'll Still be deeply Rememberd I'll Always have a special Place in my Heart for you :3 ): It'll Be so Dry without your Amazing sense of Humor always Cracking jokes But once again i really Respect your de ... ...
Toadstool 5 day(s) ago
I'll miss you :( hopefully, if you ever come back, FABC will be better, less bullying, games, more hair, etc. and everyone can have fun :)
Luna 6 day(s) ago
It's unfortunate to know you are leaving, but know you will always have a place here in the Hollow.
Crazy 6 day(s) ago
Bue Faye D: You will be remebered
riverfantacee 6 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: More imaginative than you? I doubt it. You literally bring life to the game. When you went on break due to school, you're absence was felt. I missed y ...
I love ya and hope you find the very best in life <3
Villiana 6 day(s) ago
Le_Fay: I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'll try to get my affairs in order before I leave, so I'll be done by the end of the week. As for visiting, I'm not  ...
I will miss you dearly as well Faye, you are like a sister to me,<3 *hugs*
Autumn-Sun 6 day(s) ago
Sorry to hear you are leaving.  Hope you flying in again someday.  Pixie Hollow is a Magical place ~ you will be missed and always welcomed back anytime :)
~Noir~ 7 day(s) ago
We'll all miss you Faye.. You were a wonderful part of this community and you will always be remembered ;-;
KawaiiPotatoes 7 day(s) ago
You will be missed :(
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A Poison Tree

                    I was angry with my friend;

                I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

                      I was angry with my foe:

                  I told it not, my wrath did grow.

                        And I waterd it in fears,

                   Night & morning with my tears:

                     And I sunned it with smiles,

                    And with soft deceitful wiles.

                  And it grew both day and night.

                     Till it bore an apple bright.

                     And my foe beheld it shine,

                   And he knew that it was mine.

                      And into my garden stole,

                When the night had veild the pole;

                      In the morning glad  ...


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